Tableau TC5-8-R2

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Tableau TC5-8-R2

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3M Power to SATA Power


Tableau SATA to 3M Drive Power Cable - 8" TC5-8-R2

The Tableau TC5-8-R2 is an eight inch long power cable with a 3M male connector at one end and a 15-pin SATA-style power connector at the other end.

Compatible With:

    • T35u USB 3.0 IDE/SATA Bridge
    • T2u Forensic Duplicator
    • TD3 Forensic Imager
    • T35689iu Forensic Combo Bridge

Tableau SATA to 3M Drive Power Cable - 8"

Compatible Tableau Products:

  • Tableau Forensic Duplicator
  • Tableau Forensic Imager
  • Tableau Forensic SATA/IDE Bridge
  • Tableau Forensic SATA/IDE Read-Write Bridge
  • Tableau Forensic Universal Bridge

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