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Encase® Forensic In stock

Encase® Forensic

Industry-standard in computer forensic investigation technology

Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
Detego® Ballistic Imager In stock

Detego® Ballistic Imager

Detego® Ballistic Imager is the world’s fastest patented forensic imaging tool and an obvious choice for tactical media exploitation, DOMEX and time-critical investigations. Detego® Ballistic offers imaging speeds 4x faster than the average due to its pioneering design that acquires data using multiple collection devices.

Detego® Field Triage In stock

Detego® Field Triage

Detego® Field Triage is a fully portable digital forensic solution for field or lab-based users to acquire and act on data extracted from PCs, laptops and servers. The intuitive triage functionality within this tool automatically alerts the user of any suspicious items through a Red, Amber, Green instant alerts. At the same time, preconfigured profiles allow non-technical users to conduct a full digital acquisition at the click of a button.


Detego® Auto Rip and Detego® Rapid Rip In stock

Detego® Auto Rip and Detego® Rapid Rip

Actionable intelligence, including usernames and passwords within seconds

Made for undercover operations, Detego® Auto Rip® and Detego® Rapid Rip® are portable exploitation tools that discreetly and covertly acquire passwords, usernames, system information, files and URLs from a target laptop, PC or server.

Detego® Auto Rip: Licensed to a specially designed thumb drive with a multicolour LED status indicator. Detego® Rapid Rip: Can be deployed on most, discrete standard USB thumb drives giving an unlimited range of options.

Detego® Lite In stock

Detego® Lite

Detego® Lite is a portable, powerful and forensically sound solution that rapidly extracts and analyses digital evidence while in the field.

Detego® Media Acquisition In stock

Detego® Media Acquisition

Detego® Media Acquisition is a feature-rich tool to acquire and view data from USB devices and removable media. Automated workflows speed up the acquisition and processing of portable external drives; IDE and SATA drives; media storage cards, and much more.

Detego® MD Powered by Hancom In stock

Detego® MD Powered by Hancom

Detego® MD combines Hancom’s leading data extraction and decryption capability with Detego® Analyse’s easy to use analytics, automation and reporting via seamless integration. It supports physical and logical extraction methods for Android, iOS, Windows OS, Tizen OS, and other mobile OS.

Detego® for Mobile Devices In stock

Detego® for Mobile Devices

Detego® for Mobile Devices is purpose-built to recover data from iOS and Android devices in a sound manner. Detego® for Mobile Devices can provide a digital acquisition at the click of a button and handle the vast majority of smartphone exhibits that investigators will come across.

Detego® Analyse In stock

Detego® Analyse

Every module within the Detego® Unified Forensics Platform comes with a full suite of analytical options that help the user to deep dive into their data and identify the most pertinent intelligence in rapid time. These processes include Object Detection, Encrypted File Unlocker, OCR Technology, Photo DNA, Video Frame Processor, Drone Parser and more.


Detego® Fusion In stock

Detego® Fusion

Use the advanced link analysis technology in Detego® Fusion to build a detailed intelligence picture of exhibits, suspects and cases, helping the user to discover valuable connections between previously un-associated people, places and devices.


All Software (33)