MediaClone SuperImager Plus 8" Portable Forensic Unit with 3 NVMe Ports + 7 SATA/SAS with Thunderbolt and Dual Boot

Extreme Forensic Imager Portable Field unit with NVMe, SATA, and Thunderbolt 3.0 mix ports, running Dual Boot of Linux OS for Forensic data imaging and virtual emulator, and Windows 10 for full forensic analysis, cellphone data extraction/analysis, and triage data collection. The unit is Portable, compact, easy to carry, and extremely fast. It is built with 2 NVMe ports (U.2) and 2 ports of SATA3, 8 ports of USB3.1, one port of Thunderbolt 3.0, and is supplied with a Thunderbolt Expansion box with 4 SAS ports and 1 M.2 NVMe controller to serve as the third port. The user can run multiple, parallel, simultaneous forensic imaging operations from many storage devices, with 3 HASH values, and with an encryption on the fly. The unit includes a Remote Capture KIT and an Enabled Virtual Emulator option. The units top speed: 31GB/min SATA SSD, 93.7GB/min NVME. “Complete Forensic E01 Imaging from 2TB WD2003FZEX with compression level 9, SHA-1 and MD5 are enabled, HASH the Evidence and compare is enabled @ 11GB/min. NVMe Forensic Imaging: 1:1 using Samsung MZVPV512HDGL NVMe SSD as Evidence drive, speed reach 93.7GB/min.