MediaClone SuperImager 7 Mini

MediaClone SuperImager 7 Mini

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Affordable unit capable of extremely fast forensic imaging and a platform for a field triage unit.


MediaClone SuperImager 7 Mini – Triage and Forensic Field Unit

SuperImager™ 7" Mini - A SATA & USB 3.0 Forensic Platform is a Forensic Imager and a Triage platform. It is affordable and capable of extreme fast Forensic Imaging (Hash SHA-1 @ 30GB/min with Solid State Drive(SSD), 10GB/min with 1TB WD Blue Hard Disk Drive) and also includes a platform for a field Triage unit. Built-in 7" color LCD display with Touchscreen, 3 SATA ports(Secure SATA power), 4 USB 3.0 ports, one Gigabit Ethernet, and one VGA port. The unit is very small, lightweight, and easy to carry, and has a very high-speed performance. It is the perfect Forensic Imaging of Hard Disk Drive tool to perform out in the field. The SuperImager™ application's capabilities to perform in one read pass from the "Suspect" hard disk drive are Forensic Imaging with E01 compressed (3% speed degradation), Encryption AES256, 3 parallel Hash (MD5, SHA1, SHA2), a simple binary keyword search, and the ability to save Forensic Images to both the 2 external Hard Disk Drives and to a local Network.

As a field platform, the Forensic investigator can load and run third-party applications like Celebrite, Oxygen, BlackBag, or it can run a Triage application like Nuix. All of which is done with excellent performance.

Included Items:
- One SATA to 40-pin IDE solution
- One 2.5" IDE 44-pin adapter
- Three SATA  data and power combo cables 

Secure DC-in Connector  Keyed and Locked DC-In connector to avoid accidental disconnect in the middle of an operation
Speed Externally fast, even with SHA-1- can run 30GB/min with Solid State Drive(SSD) and 10GB/min with 1TB WD Blue SATA-3 Hard Disk Drive 
GUI  The application is built with large and simple icons and is easy to navigate 
Write Blocks  A low-level blocking mechanism for the device's drives and hardware 
Hash  Simultaneously Hash MD5/SHA-1/SHA-2
Encryption  On-the-fly AES256 encryption of the "Suspect" Hard Disk Drive and the encrypted data is saved on "Evidence" Hard Disk Driven 100%, DD E01/Ex01 formats 
Keyword Search  A rapid binary keyword binary search on the “Suspect” Hard Disk Drive (Not a Unicode match) 
Forensic Images can be Saved in these Formats 100% Bit by Bit, Linux DD Format, Encase E01/Ex01 formats include the option for optimized compression (With very little speed degradation) 
Network Capture   Data from the network folder can be captured via iSCSI protocols  
Captured Interfaces  SATA, e-SATA enclosures, IDE, USB 2.0, USB 3.0  
File Preview   Browse and preview captured data on the Internal Display by mounting the Hard Disk Drive under Windows and then using the Windows Explorer application or any other third-party viewing applications 
OS   Windows Embedded Standard 7 platform allows the running of other applications including cell phone acquisition software in parallel with a capture operation and other Forensic analyses applications like Encase, Nuix, and FTK 
Cross Ports Copy  User can choose to capture from one type of Storage interface port and save the Forensic Images into a different kind of Storage interfaces. Cross copy data can be between SAS/SATA/IDE and USB interfaces 
Capture Data  From the Internal Hard Disk Drive of a Computer - Data is captured via USB or Gigabit Ethernet ports of the laptop/computer, without the need to disassemble the laptop/computer unit 
Parallel Forensic Imaging  Modes 1:1, 1:2, simultaneously 
Hardware   A very high performing component with military specifications. The unit is assembled and tested in the US
Platform  The unit has high performance when running a third-party application: Cellphone and Tablets acquisition like Cellebrite/BlackBag/MPE+/Oxygen/Paraben. Run a Triage application like Nuix/Encase