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At Silicon Forensics, customers trust us to deliver solutions that allow them to accelerate data acquisition and data processing. Our SiForce products enable investigators to increase efficiency and lower operational costs by streamlining processing speed during digital investigations.

Our customer-centric approach includes customer-driven innovations, which allows us to address the technological challenges our clients encounter with intelligent solutions.

Today Silicon Forensics is a leader in the digital forensic hardware industry, delivering innovative solutions to the Law Enforcement Community, Corporate Information Security Sectors and U.S. Government Agencies.

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Client References

"SiForce Lightning platform delivers unprecedented process capabilities up-to 700K IOP per thread which enable us to turn-around client cases in days versus weeks".- Managing Consultant at Global Legal Technology and Information Governance Services Firm

"The older machines we were using averaged about 72 hours to complete the analysis of a 5 image case. Our new workstations have cut that time to about 6 hours." - Digital Forensic Expert, HTCIA

“We had our SiForce XFT for 3 years and the hardware failed. Ana sent a re-imaged drive to us overnight without a question. Their customer service is why we continue to buy from Silicon Forensics.” – Forensic Examiner at California Government Agencies