Tableau Imaging Response Kits

The Best of Tableau in One Portable Kit

IRK TX1 Base Kit Includes:

TX1, TX1-S1, T35u, T6u, T8u, T7u, TP6, TP2 x2, SiForce USB Media Card Reader, USB C Male to USB A Female Adapter, (2) USB C Female to USB A Male Adapter, TDA7-1, TDA7-2, TDA7-3, TDA7-4, TDA7-7, TC3-8, TC4-8-R3 x4, TC-USB3 x2, TC5-8-R2, TC6-8, TC2-8-R2, SiForce Rugged Case with Wheels, 6ft Cat 7 RJ45 Cable and Tableau 9 pin FW800 Cable