MediaClone SuperImager Plus Desktop NVMe + SATA Mixed Ports Gen-3 Forensic Lab Unit w/ 4 NVMe Ports and 4 SATA Ports

SuperImager Plus Desktop Gen3 NVMe + SATA mixed ports Forensic Lab unit with 4 NVMe, 4 SATA, 8 USB3.0, 2 USB3.1 ports ports. The advantage of this unit that it support imagijng o SATA, USB and the latest NVMe SSD usining the same unit and cross media copy. The unit is a top performing of multiple sources to multiple targets of computer forensic Imaging in the market. The user can perform simultaneously forensic imaging from 2:2 NVMe SSD (2.5" or M.2 SSD), and 2:2 SATA drives . The application is a full forensic suite. The top speed measure of NVMe SSD was 93.7GB/min.