SiForce Smart (Hardware Defined Forensics)

SiForce Smart (Hardware Defined Forensics)

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SiForce SMART consists of simplicity and fast data processing.

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SiForce Smart 

Think Smart, Work Smart

The SiForce SMART is the epitome of our Hardware Defined Forensics philosophy. The Hardware Defined Forensics philosophy highlights the value we place on the implementation and reconfiguration of advanced technology during the development and creation process of our forensic workstations. Our goal is to meet digital investigators needs with speeds that enhance overall experience.

SiForce SMART places an emphasis on hardware tools utilized during the digital forensic investigation process:

  • 2X Quicker Acquisition Speeds: Evidence imaging without additional plugins
  • 12X More Available IOPs Than SATA SSDs: Digest complex forensic software
  • 2X More Responsive: 3D XPoint™ memory to enhance boot time and application performance
  • 8X Faster Connection: With Thunderbolt™ 3 VS. USB 3 connection (optional)
  • 50% Less Power Usage: 92% power efficiency
  • 50% Lighter than the Average Workstation: 32 lbs. vs. 65 - 80 lbs
  • Quiet and Cool: operating noise level of 55db



Additional Information

Processor Intel Core i7-8700K, Six Core 3.7Ghz/4.7Ghz Turbo
Memory 32GB DDR4 up to 64GB
OS Drive 500GB SATA SSD up to 4TB
Processing Space 2TB NVMe SSD up to 6TB
Data Storage 2TB SATA 7200 RPM up to 10TB SATA
IO Ports Thunderbolt™ 3: 40Gb/s connection, Optional
USB 3.1 (2) Type C, Type A
USB 3.0 (9)
USB 2.0 (2)
HD Audio Subsystem
Tableau T3iu
Read-only SATA port 2.5 inch
Read-only SATA port 3.5 inch
Tableau T356789iu, Optional
Read-only SATA port
Read-only IDE port
Read-only USB port
Read-only FW800 port
Read-only SAS port
Read-only PCIe port
Optical Drive Blu-Ray 14x Writing Speed and Supports BDXL (128GB) disc4
Display Intel HD Video
Operating System Windows 10 Professional
Warranty 3 Years SiShield Warranty