Encase® Forensic

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Encase® Forensic

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Industry standard in computer forensic investigation technology



EnCase® Forensic

EnCase® Forensic is the industry standard in computer forensic investigation technology. With an intuitive GUI, superior analytics, enhanced email/Internet support and a powerful scripting engine, EnCase® provides investigators with a single tool, capable of conducting large-scale and complex investigations from beginning to end. Law enforcement officers, government/corporate investigators and consultants around the world benefit from the power of EnCase® Forensic in a way that far exceeds any other forensic solution.
  • Acquire data in a forensically sound manner using software with an unparalleled record in courts worldwide.
  • Investigate and analyze multiple platforms — Windows, Linux, AIX, OS X, Solaris and more — using a single tool.
  • Save days, if not weeks, of analysis time by automating complex and routine tasks with prebuilt EnScript® modules, such as Initialized Case and Event Log analysis.
  • Find information despite efforts to hide, cloak or delete.
  • Easily manage large volumes of computer evidence, viewing all relevant files, including "deleted" files, file slack and unallocated space.
  • Transfer evidence files directly to law enforcement or legal representatives as necessary.
  • Review options allow non-investigators, such as attorneys, to review evidence with ease.
  • Reporting options enable quick report preparation.
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