3.5" 1TB SATA III Forensically Sanitized Hard Drive

3.5" 1TB SATA III Forensically Sanitized Hard Drive

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Forensically Sanitized 1TB Hard Drive

Regular Price: $62.99

Special Price $49.99



Hard drives used for forensic collections store many forms of data such as forensic images, network and email data, smart phone and tablet data, databases, and more. New hard drives may have residual data, even right out of the box.  Why risk the annoying allegation that you "may have" contaminated your forensic drive by not sanitizing it according to industry best practices? With a Silicon Forensics forensically sanitized hard drive, you have the peace of mind knowing that it will stand up in court.

Our "forensic drives" go through a tested and audited process to render them forensically sanitized and ready for use. We do this by performing a complete wipe and "full" NTFS format; then seal, date and initial the forensically wiped hard drive seal. This process has been audited by law enforcement officials as being a forensically sound best practice for ensuring sanitized hard drives. 

Should there ever be a need for evidentiary reasons, Silicon Forensics can produce an affidavit as to our procedures for creating a forensically sanitized hard drive. 

Ready to use as target storage.

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User Testimony:
"I have been using forensically wiped hard drives from Silicon Forensics for many years now.  For me and my colleagues, it is a no brainer. I would rather have the piece of mind knowing that the drives my team and I use have been completely wiped of any and all data."

Jim Vaughn, CFCE, EnCE
Managing Director@Intelligent Discovery Solutions
Retired Law Enforcement Officer
Former CA DOJ Instructor