2.5" 2TB 5400RPM SATA II Forensically Sanitized Hard Drive

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2.5" 2TB 5400RPM SATA II Forensically Sanitized Hard Drive

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Forensically Sanitized 2TB Hard Drive



Hard drives used for forensic collections store many forms of data, such as forensic images and data. New hard drives may have residual data, even right out of the box. Why risk the annoying allegation that you "may have" contaminated your forensic drive by not sanitizing it according to industry best practices? With a Silicon Forensics forensically sanitized hard drive, you have the confidence knowing that it will stand up in court.

Our "forensic drives" go through a tested and audited process to render them forensically sanitized and ready for use. We do this by performing a complete wipe and full NTFS format, then sealing, dating, and initialing the forensically wiped hard drive seal. This process has been audited by law enforcement officials as being a forensically sound best practice for ensuring sanitized hard drives.

Should there ever be a need for evidentiary reasons, Silicon Forensics can produce an affidavit as to our procedures for creating a forensically sanitized hard drive.

Customization Option: We can install your imaging tools onto the hard drive, such as software encryption tools. These tools often take several hours to install, but we can install and sanitize drives simultaneously, making it easier to deliver a ready to use forensic hard drive.

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