Tableau Comprehensive Write Block Kit

  • Tableau write-block bridges included: T8u (USB 3.0), T7u (PCIe), T35u (SATA/IDE), and T6u (SAS).
  • PCIe Adapters (Compatible with T7u) Include: TDA7-1 PCIe Card SSD Adapter, TDA7-2 M.2 PCIe SSD Adapter, TDA7-3 Apple SSD 2013-2016 Adapter, TDA7-4 U.2 PCIE SSD Adapter, TDA7-7 Apple SSD 2016+ Adapter, PCIE-4 Tableau Pigtail Cable.
  • Other Adapters/Components Include: Tableau TDA3-3 mSATA/m.2 SATA SSD Adapter (Compatible with T35u), SiForce USB Media Card Reader (Compatible with T8u), TC3-8 SATA Signal Cable, TC4-8-R2 Unified SAS Cable, TC5-8-2 SATA to 2M Drive Power Cable, TC6-8 IDE Cable, TC2-8-R2 Molex Drive Power Cable, TC-USB3 USB 3.0 A to B Cable (x2), TP2 Tableau Power Supply with A/C Power Cord (x2), and SiForce Rugged Case.